Harvey’s: The Bags From Seatbelts…..

by Lisa on July 20, 2012


Harvey’s is the bag I grab when I want to add a bit of fun and whimsy to an outfit.  Made in the US out of new seatbelt material, these bags are unique, charming and durable.  Until you feel one, it’s hard to describe how sturdy they are.   Just as a seatbelt in your car is made to stand up to years of wear and abrasion, these bags are made to be worn.  The seatbelt material feels both sturdy and silky at the same time and the silhouettes add a bit more femininity.

How did these fun bags come to be?  The story goes like this…..While refurbishing his 1950′s Buick in Santa Ana, California, Dana Harvey had an idea to make his wife Melanie a handbag with the leftover seatbelt material. Dana and Melanie Harvey began producing the Harveys Seatbelt bags out of their garage. Within ten years, they moved their new company from their garage into a design studio Santa Ana, California.

I am partial to the brilliant red bags in the collection and this ‘Stella Hobo’ is both roomy and chic:

This large tote is amazingly versatile.  I use mine to go to the gym and when we venture out for weekend trips:

I love this bold checkerboard pattern…it feels so retro:

While many of the bags are great basic colors, some silhouettes are offered in vibrant Summer brights:

I love the ruffle detail on this convertible clutch:

The Elvis collection comes in black, white and pink:

There is even a bridal collection:


Walking on air……this is seriously what I think of when I slip these on.  Since these Oofos arrived at my door, I have used every excuse to not don another shoe.  Are they the most beautiful shoe?…no, but I would call them cute.  They are made out of OOfoam a super cushiony material.  The company claims that OOfoam is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most common material found in footwear.  All I know it the material is very comfy.  The second unique aspect of these shoes is the footbed design which has a higher than normal arch and a base that conforms perfectly to your foot.  I keep them in my work bag and slide them on at the end of the day.  By the time I arrive home, my feet and legs feel completely rejuvenated.

They come in 2 designs, the thong and a slide in several neutral and bright colors.   They sell for $39.99 with free shipping from their website.  If you suffer from foot pain or simply enjoy a super comfy shoe, I highly recommend them.

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